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Andrés G. Jankowski was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently radicated in Berlin.

Andrés works as a performing artist, producer, sound-designer, internet- and multimedia-designer.

In the late 80´s, together with Hernán Nuñez (The League of Crafty Guitarists), he co- founded the legendary group Santos Luminosos. As a result, two seminal works were released at Possible Records, Buenos Aires, “Leuchtende Heilige” and ”Metalambiente”.

In 1990 he started his own project 1605munro, with which, he performs solo and with occasional guests, like: Hernán Nuñez
(The League of Crafty Guitarists/Santos Luminosos), Alan Courtis (Anla/Reynols), Alex Anthony (The Twang Marvels), galimany, Guillermo Ueno (video).

In that period, he returned for several years to Buenos Aires, where he was as a permanent member of Bioma, one of the driving forces in the incipient argentinean electronic music of that decade.

Since 2005 he is member of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music (PseME).

In the year 2006, Andrés was asked to join the Laptoporchester Berlin.

He colaborated with Los Gauchos Alemanes, The League of Crafty Guitarists, Holger Czukay, Zenial, Interterrain, Berlin Guitar Ensemble, Jorge Haro, Diego Vainer, Soyuz, CommendatoreZ, Robert Fripp, Hidekazu Wakabayashi, Kabusacki, Anla Courtis(Reynols), RTSchulte, Daniel Delhom, Radio Copernicus, Global Mix, PSEME, DJ MirkinFroi, Gucho, Supernova, E. Galimany, Palsecam, Bioma, Berlin Laptop Orchester, Michel Banabila, Guillermo Ueno (video artist).

On media, you can find downloadable promotional material - A short-bio, fotos, audio etc.