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October 2012 - the 1605munro ensemble at the electronic soirèes

September 2012 - the 1605munro ensemble at the electronic soirèes

August 2012 - Berlin Guitar Ensemble Vs. 1605munro - VII - Performance Project

Juli 2012 - Park der Klänge festival Poggenhagen 2012

radioOrchester performance

radio experiment Festival Park der Klänge - Poggenhagen 2012

Mai 2012 - Berlin Guitar Ensemble Vs. 1605munro - V - Performance Project

6. Mai 2012 - Streaming Concert - Pure Silence

Streaming Concert - Pure Silence Homage to John Cage’s Centennial Virada Cultural SP SESC Ipiranga – 6th of May 18 hrs (21:00 GMT)
1. Christopher Preissing (Chicago USA)
2. 1605Munro (Berlin)
3. Paulo Hartmann (Brazil)
4. Ilan Green (Jerusalem)
5. Loop B (New York)
6. Jorge Haro (Buenos Aires)
7. Zbigniew Karkowski (Tóquio / Sweden)

Mai 2012 - paramount concréte Xtended at the electronic soirèes
paramount concréte extended with guest stars MIWON, electronics and Kiyoshi Fujikawa (JP) on percussion,

April 2012 - Kraftwerk Klavier at the electronic soirèes in the Hotel Bogota
Kraftwerk Klavier
was the highlight of this month´s soirée. As support-act played teeBlumen, Daniel NOSH Erismann (CH) on trumpet, Kiyoshi Fujikawa (JP) on percussion, Thilo Schölpen on piano, Alex Anthony Faide on guitar and 1605munro mastered the electronics.

March 2012 - electronic soirèes at the Hotel Bogota
paramount concréte
with guests Takeshi Nishimoto and Kiyoshi Fujikawa